“Initially I expected this training to be like all other trainings I had participated in before. You show up and listen to the lecture, and then you’re graded at the end. To my surprise, this training far exceeded my expectations. Through taking this training I have grown not only as a clinician, but as an individual. I have learned many techniques which I have been able to put into practice immediately. I have witnessed the change and growth in clients as I did myself. I have witnessed clients who were stuck change their behavior as a result of psychodramas. It’s hard for me to put into words what I’ve gained from this training. It has allowed me to work at a deeper level than any kind of talk therapy. I am so grateful that I chose to take this training and had the experience of a lifetime. Beverly and Pat are wonderful teachers.” –AZ

“Not only did I gain tremendous skill in facilitating psychodramas and experiential therapies, I delved deep into my body, mind and soul to heal what was hidden in the darkness. My life is transforming because of the amazing people who came together to grow and learn from two incredible teachers, Beverly and Pat. This program is truly one of the best investments in self I have ever made.” –PC

“Over the course of the past year, I took risks and faced fears and, as a result, grew from the inside out both personally and professionally. I am a more conscious, caring and skilled therapist today because of my experiences in this training. Thank you Beverly and Pat for creating an affirming, challenging and dynamic environment where new learning and emotional growth merged and developed!” –MB

“I believe I am a more enlightened person and a much more effective therapist as a result of this training.” –JJ

“This program provided me with the tools to restore an abandoned aspect of my spiritual and artistic self.” –TG


Professional Trainings and Supervision

Clinical Training in Experiential Modalities
Training offered to individual clinicians or treatment center staff who want to learn psychodrama, breathwork, and other experiential group processes. Training focuses on developing presence and skills to do experiential work with individual clients and group members.

Corporate Trainings and Seminars
These trainings focus on improving relationship skills for managers and their staffs. Trainings are specifically tailored to the needs of each department and are didactic and experiential in nature. We cover such topics as: effective communication, overcoming defensiveness, self awareness about personal triggers, improving self-accountability, effective problem solving, and negotiation strategies.