What We Offer

Types of Therapy______________________________________________

Individual Therapy
Our work centers on encouraging and empowering you to make the changes that you want to make. We work with you from a heart-centered place on mental, emotional and spiritual levels. We use a blend of therapeutic modalities in addition to traditional intuitive counseling. We offer appointments in the office, by phone, or video conference via Skype or Oovoo.

Individual Therapy Intensives
We offer Individual Therapy Intensives for people who live outside of the Atlanta area or for anyone who would like to experience the flow and healing that this type of concentrated work offers. Intensives are typically 2 to 5 days in length and are custom tailored to meet the needs of the individual client in relation to number of hours and types of therapy approaches. There are hotel accommodations within walking distance of Shiloah Center. We use a blend of traditional talk therapy and experiential approaches such as hypnotherapy, breathwork, psychodrama, meditation, Emotional Freedom Technique and Holographic Memory Resolution. As well as benefitting people from outside of Atlanta, the program works well for people in Atlanta who have reached a plateau in their individual work. We work hand in hand with the referring therapist to help the client move through the plateau and return to their original therapist. Interested persons may get more information and/or schedule an Intensive with Beverly Matthews, LPC, or G. Pat Stogner, LMFT. Go to the contact page for details.

Couples Therapy
Couples come in to work on issues such as communication, handling outside stressors, infidelity, trust, control and intimacy. It is essential that each person be willing to claim and work on his or her own part in the problem. Special emphasis is placed on helping each partner move out of blame-and-defend cycles and into a more productive way of communicating and dealing with conflict.

Emotional Freedom Technique
Emotional Freedom Technique is one of many energy psychologies and has been called “psychological acupuncture without the needles”. It is both a clinical technique and a self-help approach that provides simple methods for shifting brain patterns that lead to unwanted thoughts, actions, and emotions. It draws from ancient healing traditions such as acupuncture and yoga, and uses them in modern ways. Tapping on acupuncture points (along with related techniques), while an anxiety-evoking memory or thought is brought to mind, sends signals to the brain that turn off the anxious response in the moment and rapidly alters the brain chemistry that maintained the response. It has been found to be effective with thought patterns that evoke strong emotions, compulsive behaviors, phobias, chronic pain and many other situations.

Holographic Memory Resolution®
HMR®, developed by Brent Michael Baum (www.healingdimensions.com), is a mind-body technique that allows expedient access to past memories and complete resolution of the painful emotions associated with these events without having to re-live such experiences and without affecting historical memory. This body-centered, client-centered process facilitates the resolution of somatic (body) memory, thereby disarming the triggers that foster physical pain, flashbacks, disease, and relapse. This technique is profoundly empowering to the survivor who becomes his/her own "healer."

Weight, Hypnotherapy and You

This is a comprehensive weight reduction program for individuals that builds in positive incentives.  We employ cognitive approaches and hypnotherapy to create lasting habit change, resulting in a healthier you.

The program includes eight individual sessions, personalized hypnosis recordings, and a 60- page workbook. Contact us for questions or to schedule your first session.

A method of accessing and releasing blocked feelings and emotions by regressing to their roots in early childhood experiences. As children, we make decisions about ourselves and others that later serve as our dysfunctional adult programming. Hypnotherapy works to change that programming at its source and reunite your strong adult with your disowned inner child.

Conscious connected breathing gently pushes through blocked energy in your body and energy field, opening and expanding a space for healing on all four levels. It can lead to powerful transcendental and rebirthing experiences. Also, this work is designed to correct unhealthy breathing patterns that began right at our first breath at birth. Incorrect breathing patterns are a major source of anxiety, and when corrected, can alleviate anxiety symptoms.

Guided Meditation
Meditation techniques help with connecting to our own subconscious guidance and wisdom, while relieving stress and obsessive thinking, and creating a witness awareness.

Professional and Relationship Coaching
This is designed to help individuals who want to work on their personal or business relationship skills.

Upcoming Programs ____________________________________________________________________

Shiloah Annual Silent Meditation Retreat
Saturday, January 21, 2017 10:00-5:00

In this one-day retreat, participants learn and experience various forms of meditation; explore ways to introduce a meditation practice into their life; deepen their existing meditation practice; and experience the peace of listening and learning in complete silence.

Couples Weekend Retreat
April 22 & 23, 2017

In this weekend, couples learn the power of being truly authentic with each other, as well as learn and practice communication skills, conflict resolution, and the well-researched principles of successful relationships. Location for this retreat is to be determined.

Shiloah Intensive Group Weekend
September 14-17, 2017

This yearly intensive weekend is a very popular program that takes place in the beautiful North Georgia mountains. It includes daily meditation, psychodrama, Conscious Connected Breathwork, and experiential therapeutic group process designed to enhance connection, trust and insight in each participant. This group weekend is appropriate for those currently in therapy or those who are just starting their personal growth journey.


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