A Warm Welcome to Shiloah Center for Experiential Psychotherapy

We are a psychotherapy center that focuses on experiential approaches to healing. We believe that each of us carries some negative core beliefs about ourselves into our adult lives, no matter how well intended or loving our parents and family. These beliefs lead us to develop defensive and protective coping skills that later result in troubled relationships, addictions, depression, anxiety, obsessive thinking and low self esteem.

Experiential therapeutic approaches are very effective at getting to the source of this early childhood programming and transforming these negative beliefs and behavior into healthier functioning. They can also open the door to a stronger connection to one’s own spirituality.

For Individuals, we offer:

  • Traditional Psychotherapy
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
  • Holographic Memory Resolution® (HMR)
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Breathwork
  • Chakra and energy healing
  • Intuitive counseling and coaching
  • Guided meditation experiences
  • Phone/ counseling and coaching
  • Smoking Cessation Classes / Support Forum
  • Personal growth group weekends
  • Biweekly therapy groups
  • Workshops

For Corporations and
Businesses, we offer:

  • Manager trainings in communication skills, personal awareness, effective collaboration, and negotiation and problem solving skills.
  • Staff trainings in communication skills, personal awareness, effective collaboration, self-accountability, and problem solving skills.
  • Professional Coaching

For Clinicians, we offer:

  • Trainings in psychodrama and experiential therapies
  • Individual and group supervision for LPC candidates
  • Training in intuitive development and psycho-spiritual therapeutic approaches
  • Professional workshops
  • Phone/Skype consultation and supervision

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